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Hi kpop stans! Remember MONT? The Ganghwa Island Avengers, Farming Idols… the 3 trainees who trained in nature and took care of a bunch of dogs on MIXNINE? Remember them? Well, they’re finally debuting! But they desperately need our help. You see, they’re using Makestar to fund their debut M/V. There’s only 14 days left and we’ve barely passed 50%. If things keep going like this, these boys will likely not debut at all. Please help them out. If you want more info on them, you’re always welcome to ask away here or in IM Messages. 

Makestar project:
MONT’s Twitter:

If you need another reason as to why you should help spread the word and donate (if you can! you can even donate just $1 and get something in return for it!), here’s one big fat reason that I think is important. (Please read under the cut) 

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