Hey guys, as you can see this post is not a BTS post.
I reached a few weeks ago 10k (but now I’ve almost reached 11k wow!) and I just wanted to thank my Followers! It’s a honour to reach 11k ‘cause I know that there are soooo many other BTS accounts on Tumblr.
I’ve been thinking a while for a special because of my follower number and I thought that a “20 facts about me” is perfect for a special because nobody (except my family and friends) knows who’s behind this account. So you can learn a bit about me.
Let’s start and have fun! ^^

1. My name is Vildan (but a lot of my friends call me Villy)
2. I’m a girl
3. I’m 19 years old
4. I’m about 5 foot 6 inches tall
5. I live in Germany but I have turkish roots
6. I’m on my last high school year
7. I really really really f*cking love Park Jimin as you may know ^^
8. I love to act and to sing and I’m part of a musical group since 7 years
9. I really love to watch series. For the most part turkish series, korean series or american series (for example “The Walking Dead”)
10. I love to fly and I want to become a flight attendant after I finished my high school
11. I’m a perfectionist
12. One of my biggest dreams for the future is to get married and start a family (but in my dreams I’m already married with Jimin hahah)
13. For me it’s important to have a good sense of humor because my friends know that I’m sometimes (actually almost everytime haha) very crazy ^^
14. I love coffee
15. My favourite genre of movie is definitely fantasy and my all time favourite movie is “The Lord of the Rings” (I can watch it everyday I swear and damn the soundtracks are epic as f*ck)
16. Usually, I don’t like to go with mainstream stuff
17. I really really love to eat and that’s why my boyfriend call me sometimes a pig hahaha (but I love him anyway ^^)
18. My favorite food is a kind of french fries with a garlic sauce and pieces of meat (my moms creation)
19. I have two older sisters and one little brother and also the cutest niece in this world – I love my family!
20. In July 2015 I registered on Tumblr with this account

Wuhu finished! I hope you guys liked it and that it helped a lot to learn more about me and if yes I’m thinking about a “10/20 facts about my love to Kpop” (for example what my first Kpop song was). Let me know if you want something like that ^^

Repost for my new followers!